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I remember (not so long ago, really) the days when I could not wait to graduate from student/paraprofessional to professional honest-to-goodness librarian. What was I thinking?

Everything is better, easier, and cheaper when you’re a student. You get reduced conference and association membership rates. You get all sorts of support and freebies from your school, such as informal & formal mentoring, advice, web-hosting, even software. And, perhaps most importantly, you get all those great databases and journal subscriptions online and at your fingertips 24/7. I was dually spoiled in this regard at my last position as Electronic Resources Associate, where it was literally my job to play (not quite the right word) around with our electronic subscriptions.

As I haven’t been involved in any serious research for awhile, I haven’t had much need for scholarly journals. However, occasionally I come across an article that I really want to read. And I would like to continue to do research in the field – it’s sort of my professional duty. But rather than being redirected to a happy little PDF link, I get a screen asking me if I would like to shell out $25 for a single article.

To all you students out there…while I know you’re counting down the days until graduation and don’t think you can do one more search in Academic Search Premier…count your blessings. So jot down just one more reason that libraries rock (and kiss your nearest acquisitions librarian – juggling those subscription budgets ain’t easy!).

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