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There has been an interesting dialogue on the NEXGENLIB-L discussion list recently on creatively utilizing the MLIS degree for non-traditional work. I’ve always wanted to be more of an entrepreneur. I’ve mentioned in the past how I would like to branch out into indexing, which seems like an ideal freelance opportunity. Because I continue to be interested in writing and publishing, I have considered becoming a freelance editor as well.

I think such ventures are often like Einstein’s vision of genius – 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration (in terms of networking, marketing, learning the appropriate skills and market demographics, setting up a business, etc.). Sometimes I get exhausted just thinking about it. But maybe I just need to spend more time thinking outside of the box.

One very interesting idea mentioned in the thread was advertising your mad librarian skillz on Craigslist for personalized services such as setting up a personalized catalog in something like LibraryThing. I don’t know how much of a market there is for such a service, but that would be great freelancing – hardly any overhead, free advertising, fun work. Win win. Of course, I would advise not quitting your day job…