It was not exactly a revelation that I will be writing my thesis in the near future.  I have been brainstorming research topics for the past 2 years (and in a broader sense for much of my adult life).  Even so, this past week has been something of a wake-up call. 

I started my Native American methodology seminar, where we will be exploring the theoretical frameworks of art history from the perspective of Native art.  This will be extremely useful to me in framing my own theoretical position as well as giving structure to my research.  Our assignments are geared towards our individual projects, including an annotated bibliography of sources we plan to use in our theses.  That’s where the sudden panic set in…to create a bibliography I need a topic! Which means I need to formalize a thesis advisor, figure out when I will take thesis credits, etc…

The good news is it got me brainstorming in overdrive and inspired me to go in and check on my program of study in the grad office.  I am very much on track, just need to actually go through the motions.  I have a more solid idea now for a thesis topic.  The plan at this point is to get some feedback from my (potential) thesis advisor and get plugging away on the semester’s research, preparing for spring symposium, and setting the foundation for my thesis work this summer and fall.