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It’s fall break at UNM, which theoretically means a chance to catch up on everything that has fallen through the cracks.  Of course the reality is that I have been frantically grading stack after stack of student papers and midterms while pulling together my semiotics presentation.  To add to general frisson in the air, this is the week GA/TA/RA announcements were set to be announced.  It’s not easy to relax knowing our funding could be ripped out of our hands next semester.  This is especially hard on the out of state (and out of country) students.  They made the decision to attend UNM based upon a funding situation that has changed dramatically with the budget.  We’ve all been holding meetings and writing letters, but for the next semester at least the situation is pretty dire.

I lucked out in the end.  Not only did I get funding, I got my first choice assignment to work in the Bunting Visual Resources Library.  Some of my friends were not so lucky, and I can only hope they can find a way to finance their educations.

I am most fully engaged when I am researching something that I’m truly passionate about, which is why I found myself at 6:30 on a Sunday morning compiling my bibliography and tentatitive outline for a project considering the feather motifs in the murals at Teotihuacan for my Ancient American Narratives class.  Who needs sleep when you have iconographic analysis? My approach takes into consideration the research I did a couple years ago on bird and feather iconography on Pueblo pottery, and I guess in the back of my mind is a percolating thesis topic on an ancient  pan-American manifestation of transculturation through mythological and iconographic exchange.

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