As I work out the configurations of my semi-retirement plan, I’ve noticed my focus in this blog shifting in the past month from the specifics of art and my career towards issues relating to personal finance and my bedrock of Voluntary Simplicity.  I’ve also noticed that you can’t turn a corner in the blogosphere without running into a blog on these topics.  This is an amazing development.  I love the fact that there are financially and ecologically conscientious entrepreneurs out there making their incomes off living and breathing and reporting back on the tenets of Voluntary Simplicity.  And the fact that the rest of us can read their blogs and contribute is an ideal manifestation of Voluntary Simplicity in the 21st century.  And considering the fact that waste and consumption are anathema to V.S., no longer do we have to publish and consume copies of a limited number of books on these topics.

My main blogroll reflects my career resources.  However, in the sense that Voluntary Simplicity informs the choices I make in my life, I think it’s fitting to post the personal finance/”consciousness” blogs I visit on a daily basis.  Here’s the basic list: 

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Goodlife Zen

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The Professional Hobo


Mobile Kodgers

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