I’ve started polling friends and family for creative income sources for my self-imposed period of poverty known as grad school.  Why, after all my philosophical swooning about the benefits of uncertainty and diving head-first into major life changes, do I still have such an aversion to being poor and unemployed?

Here are the facts:

1. I am good at being cheap, but even I probably can’t live off a grad assistant stipend alone.

2. I refuse to take out student loans, and I really hate the idea of tapping my hard-earned savings.

3. There are definitely other revenue possibilities, but nothing certain.  More on my fellowship applications later.

4. The recession is kind of freaking me out.  Even the lawyers are unemployed.  That’s like cockroaches starving in the garbage dump.

5. I am too old and spoiled in the notion of having a rewarding and intellectually stimulating job to a) work at the Olive Garden, or b) deliver newspapers, or probably even c) data entry temping.

So I am open to ideas…anybody?