Taking an Adult Services course in library school got me thinking about programming and how it tends to be lacking in public libraries.  It seems like there’s so much more potential for really cool programs – especially those related to the arts.  It’s much easier for many people to visit their local public library than a museum or art lecture, so why not combine the two? This is a great way to collaborate with museums and enhance those all-important community partnerships.  Maybe local artists could show and give talks about their work – they get the public exposure, the public gets the art appreciation.  Win win.

So I was glad to see that this idea has been embraced by the Williamsburg Virginia Regional Library in a series called “Centuries of art @ your library.”  Through a partnership with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, they have scheduled a series of lectures on topics such as “The History of Soviet Realism,” “and “American Realist Painters of the Early 20th Century.” Hopefully other public libraries will borrow this idea.