I am a huge proponent of self education, and part of my taking my current position is the ability to continue to do art history research as part of my job.  With this thought in mind, I have put on hold most serious thoughts about continuing my formal education. 

 The original plan before I ever seriously formulated my sojourn to New Mexico was to enter the Art History Master’s program at the University of New Mexico.  It’s a great program, very competitive, and offers the unique track in Native American/Art of the Americas that I am pursuing in my own research.  It’s basically what I prepared for in my undergratuate Art History degree, particularly my thesis (prehistoric pottery of the Rio Grande region).

Long story short, I have started to revisit my dream.  It seems like the right time to start taking classes again, probably slowly at first as a non-degree seeker.  I can transfer 12 credits into the program if I eventually enter the program officially.  Yes, it’s more money to put into my education, which is a burden I didn’t really think I wanted to put on myself again, but in the long run…this is something I’ve always wanted to do.  I don’t want to regret deciding against such an opportunity to advance my career, enhance my options, and just get some new experience and knowledge doing something I love.  Quite frankly, I need the challenge.