It’s hard to find much of interest being posted in the biblioblogosphere here in the dog days of summer (is it the dog days yet? It sure has been hot, but I’m not sure if that qualifies). Many of you have surely been immersed in the fun of ALA and Anaheim in July (yikes). I’m sure I’ll hear more about that in the coming weeks.

My excuse? Well, I have been visiting family in Minnesota for the past week. I chose to take a complete hiatus from work and professional writing for the course of the week, considering that I see my family approximately twice a year and like to keep things in their proper perspective. So I came back rested and refreshed and rarin’ to go back to work. In theory, at least.

I also came back to an invitation to interview on Wednesday for my DREAM JOB. Right now I’m experiencing a not unpleasant frisson of excitement and nervous energy…I truly believe that this is the perfect job for me, and I just really hope that I am as close as it comes to the perfect fit for them. Now the key is to be prepared but stay calm and confident…