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I placed a follow-up call with the museum to check on the status of the search, and found out I was not the chosen candidate. That was quite a blow, but I am definitely choosing to focus on what I can take from this and keep it in perspective. That’s working pretty well for me. After all, I still have a job that I love and other possibilties in the queue. And as a good friend pointed out last week, what would I have to look forward to if all my dreams came true by the age of 30?

The director was kind enough to give me a bit of feedback on the decision, which provided some consolation as well as some frustration. I had all the qualifications and “would have been a great fit”, but was apparently up against another candidate with more “longevity” in the New Mexico library community. In part I think that refers to professional experience, but in part they went with the person they know. I can’t really compete against that. So it’s not personal…

I am glad I decided to set up the meeting with the other library for later in the week. I’m curious to find out their continued interest – maybe it’s just heads-up on an entirely different position. I think it’s a good sign in any case that I stuck out enough as a candidate to stay in their radar. That’s true with the other interview as well. To be told that I would have had the position if not for the other person is frustrating, but it also means that I was well-liked, qualified, and will be remembered (and hopefully recommended) for that in the future. In the slightly nepotistic environment of library hiring – particularly New Mexico libraries – such name and face recognition will be extremely important to me during the evolution of my career. I’ve only been here a year, and I’m obviously still seen as a newbie. The wisest plan of action seems to be to meet as many librarians as possible and create networking opportunities, so that one day I will be that person who does get the dream job through my qualifications and my name recognition. That’s just how the game is played.

Even though it’s been less than 2 weeks, I’m starting to become a little anxious about the Art Librarian job. I know I have to keep things in perspective and recognize that the job may not materialize, for a variety of reasons. Regardless of this rational view, I know it will be a blow if I don’t get it. I’ll definitely be asking myself what went wrong (which can be a positive exercise, I suppose).

In the meantime, I was quite surprised today to get a follow-up email about a job I interviewed for some time ago and had pretty much written off. I was actually a bit miffed that they had never even sent me a generic rejection letter. The email asked if I was still looking for a position and if I would like to come in for another “meeting” with the director to discuss my resume further. I’m not even sure what that means. Is it a second interview or what? A potential job offer? It was just worded so vaguely. I don’t really know how to respond. If I don’t get the museum job, this job would be a good opportunity. The timing is pretty bad, though. What if it’s a couple more weeks before I know the status of the museum job? I can’t tell the other library to just wait for me for a couple weeks. I also don’t want to mislead them about my level of interest at this point if I end up accepting another offer. It feels bizarrely like a sticky dating situation. Jeesh.

It’s hard to find much of interest being posted in the biblioblogosphere here in the dog days of summer (is it the dog days yet? It sure has been hot, but I’m not sure if that qualifies). Many of you have surely been immersed in the fun of ALA and Anaheim in July (yikes). I’m sure I’ll hear more about that in the coming weeks.

My excuse? Well, I have been visiting family in Minnesota for the past week. I chose to take a complete hiatus from work and professional writing for the course of the week, considering that I see my family approximately twice a year and like to keep things in their proper perspective. So I came back rested and refreshed and rarin’ to go back to work. In theory, at least.

I also came back to an invitation to interview on Wednesday for my DREAM JOB. Right now I’m experiencing a not unpleasant frisson of excitement and nervous energy…I truly believe that this is the perfect job for me, and I just really hope that I am as close as it comes to the perfect fit for them. Now the key is to be prepared but stay calm and confident…

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