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The die is cast as I await my dream job…I have done everything possible on my end to make this dream a reality, and now all I can do is wait. And bite my nails and twiddle my thumbs and wish on shooting stars. It’s a state job, so I may be doing these things for awhile…

In the meantime there are always book reviews to write…my most recent Moonshine review of the 2007 Robert Hass anthology can be found here.

Navigating the career path is always a challenge. Sometimes the greatest opportunities can look very similar to obstructions when they present dilemmas. Sometimes it can seem so much easier just to stay in the present situation, whether or not it presents new challenges and rewards. Timing is also never an exact science – when is the right time to make the move?

I’ve come to the decision lately that I’m very happy where I am living and don’t want to venture too far afield. Maybe this means I am not an ambitious professional ready to embrace any opportunity that might arise. I’m honestly ok with that. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices and slogged through a lot of mud to get where I am, and I’m finally started to feel settled here. For the first time in…my whole life? I am consistently happy and pleased with my accomplishments on a daily basis. That’s about as ambitious as I intend to get.

However…there are certain limitations to my job. I won’t elaborate, but there are good reasons for me to move on at this point. I’ve started looking for other positions in the area, and thus arises the tough choices. I interviewed on Friday for an interesting, dynamic, well-paid position in a well-funded library. I may very well receive a job offer. It may be wise for me to jump at this chance. The problem is, my DREAM JOB is out there, close enough to touch. In fact, it is being advertised next week. The director emailed me directly to say she hopes I apply. What do I do if I’m in the position of juggling a tangible job offer with a hypothetical interview for the Dream Job?

June 2008