And now something to counterbalance the negative effects of the Wausau controversy and negative public perceptions, at least at the local level.

I was pleased to read a piece in the Albuquerque Journal today (“Librarians Help Students Navigate Their Way to Correct Information”) about the role of libraries and librarians, particularly for students doing research.  Because this is an extremely important demographic that is being increasingly disconnected from libraries in any manifestation, I thought the PR was particularly timely and encouraging.  The story delineates pretty succinctly why libraries are unique purveyors of reliable information.  I couldn’t help but be cheered by the words of 18-year-old Britny Rasinski, who realizes that when it comes to free online information, “you don’t really know who put it up or anything.”

This kind of marketing is great, but not necessarily proactive.  Yes, people (for the most part) love and support libraries.  We can wait for public support in the form of human interest stories, letters to the editor, speeches at town council meetings.  But how often are we making these efforts on our own behalf?