Thanks again to Karin for passing on more cool stuff – though like most memes, I’m probably the last one to hear about it and everyone has done this already. 

How to make your own album cover:

1. Go to the Wikipedia Random Articles page and get the first article title – that’s the band name (Mine was “Cercle” – “the smallest unit of French political administration in French Colonial Africa that was headed by an European officer”).

2. Go to Random Quotations.  The last 4 words of the last quotation make up the album title (From H.L. Mencken, 1920, I got “Neat, plausible, and wrong”).

3. Get a word from the Random Word Generator (“communication”).

4. Use the word in FlickrStorm to search images, and use the 3rd image that comes up for the album cover (“Rosita” by Frank Vranckx).

5. Use a graphics program to make the album cover (I used Phixr).

 Here is the result: