You are currently browsing the daily archive for January 12, 2008.

I’ve read quite a few blog entries over the past couple of weeks sheepishly apologizing for New Year inertia.  I too have my excuses: travel, holidays, a death in the family.  But now that we are two weeks into 2008, I’m finally feeling ready to face my new adventures with a sense of resolve.

Here is a compilation of my biblioblogo-resolutions for 2008.

1) Get my article published (I’ve got a running start on this one).

2) Write at least one blog entry a week.

3) Revamp my resume and keep my eyes open for new professional opportunities.

4) Read more and with greater focus (with the help of my bookclub and the Russian Reading Challenge).

5) Write more (with the help of my writing group).

6) Catch up with professional reading.

7) Get started on the library reorganization project at the gallery.

Happy 2008 to all!