As I work on getting my article past the stream of consciousness stage, I’m revisiting a troubling verity from my English major days.  I am an extremely lazy and reluctant editor.  Unless I’m forced to make changes, usually I go with the first draft and call it good enough.  Maybe this is why I never pursued a career in creative writing, editing, or journalism, even though those seemed like the logical outlets for my love of written language.  I just can’t imagine spending 8 hours a day contemplating minute tweakings of a manuscript.  I also hate to trim anything – it seems like such a waste (sort of like throwing away perfectly good food).

In the interest of total disclosure, the same laziness infects this blog…rarely do I go back and restructure my ideas before posting.  I’m sure this sometimes results in confusing, random, or simply trivial posts.  But at the same time, the whole idea behind blogging is to get ideas in print in a somewhat informal and collaborative manner, from which more structured thinking and writing can develop.  So maybe I’m on the right track after all.