I’ve been feeling all the twinges of withdrawal lately – not for any of the fun vices, but (rather pathetically) the classroom experience.  Even my online MLIS program provided a structured intellectual community with which to bounce off ideas and motivate me to think outside my own personal box of knowledge and understanding.  Something about the structured community of a classroom environment fills a psychological need.  I’m addicted to school.

When I’m on my own, even though my research objectives are liberated, I tend to get complacent.  I’m not great at intellectual motivation. 

I’ve been trying to feed my addiction through other sources.  Luckily, lately it seems that I have met a lot of like-minded people to bounce off ideas and keep me reading.  I’m revisiting my love of classic literature now that I actually have some time to read seriously.  I just finished Anna Karenina and joined a local book club.  It’s been good for me to start taking notes again on what I’m reading, to get my thoughts in order.  I’m starting to think in terms of metaphor and narrative structure. 

Even casual classrooms like lectures, workshops, and community college training courses seem to fill this need, and luckily many of these things are free or nominally priced.  This month I’m looking forward to a class on traditional Spanish tin art.

In any case, it’s cheaper than therapy!