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I decided to avoid the fireworks crowds by driving up into the mountains on the 4th, only to get caught in a parade going down main street in Red River, New Mexico.  I think they could probably tell that my Chevy Prizm was not a float, seeing as I had no neat pirate flags or stars and stripes banners and was glowering menacingly rather than smiling and throwing candy.

I finally made it up into the Sangre de Cristos and set up camp just in time to be bombarded with a 3 hour hailstorm.  The temperature dropped about 40 degrees, and when I finally emerged from the tent, the seasons had changed from summer to winter.


I amazed myself by starting a fire, which felt like an unduly major accomplishment.  Sometimes it’s the little things that keep pride going…


Anyway, the experience was a reminder of my independence and power to choose my own course.  I could still be in Lincoln waiting for an opportunity to come to me, instead I have chosen the proactive route.  Hopefully that will be rewarded.  I did not enter this profession with blinders on, and I did not expect to have a job handed to me along with my degree.  But I did expect that by diligently pursuing professional development, various library work experiences, internships, volunteering, and networking within the profession I would be fairly met with opportunities to work as a professional in the field.  I am not yet giving up on this logic.  I spent literally all weekend on applications and cover letters, and I know I would be a good match for these jobs.  The jobs are out there and I’m out there.  One of these days we’re going to meet in the middle.

July 2007