I got an interview at the University of New Mexico! Fingers crossed, because that’s the job I think I want. I’m driving down there next week.

In the meantime, I’ve been meandering all around Santa Fe and enjoying my internships. At the IAIA today I did quite a bit of research into Digital Asset Management/Image cataloging systems because I realized that ImageAXS is no longer a hosted software and is not available for updates. Some likely contenders: on the cheap end – FileMaker Pro or Microsoft’s iview Media Pro, or cost-prohibitive systems like Extensis Portfolio or Luna Insight. My recommendation was to go with FileMaker since they already have ARTstor for classroom/image presentation use and just want a way to store the images with accompanying metadata. FileMaker now works as a relational database and is highly recommended on VRA-L. I think Jenni is going to look into the pricing and talk to the library director this week about setting up the new system. The question now is whether I will begin creating the metadata in another place, such as a spreadsheet, to migrate into the new system or just wait until it is in place. I think I will need to research the metadata importing/exporting functions of FileMaker Pro. Thank goodness for the VRA-L archives! There is some great information there, and it is the most user-friendly discussion list archive interface I have ever used.