I finally reached my destination of Santa Fe, my vantage point for the next 2 months. The trip was long but fulfilling. I stayed with friends in Cortez, Colorado (just a hop skip and a jump from Mesa Verde) and got a “behind the scenes” tour of the Yucca House ruins from my friend who is an archaeologist. The ancient culture there, and around here, is just amazing. There are potsherds all over the ground and ruins everywhere. I am constantly reminded by the artistic and natural beauty around me why I am down here.

Yesterday I had my first interview (more about that later), and to bolster my courage and give me that tough librarian edge I applied one of my special library tattoos. Did it work? Maybe not, but I still look cool. I need whatever mojo I can get!

I drove into Santa Fe just minutes ahead of a ferocious thunderstorm. I’m choosing to take it as an augury of cosmic forces building to help me along in my journey rather than a foreboding message…